LED grow light and LED aquarium light technologies

LED grow light and LED aquarium light news and technologies.
The latest technologies are on the Apollo LED grow/aquarium lights.

The LED grow light at present

There is no shortage of suppliers who are offering ‘new’ LED grow light at present.There is no shortage of manufacturers who are providing good quality LED grow light on the international market.There is no shortage of terminal users who are demanding amazing LED grow light around the world.And there is no shortage of great opportunities to get really good LED grow light at the moment.

By why many providers of the LED grow light facing sales diminish?Why are more and more users confronting a bad situation-their lamps do not work as they expected?

Over the past several years,most of the producers acted as irresponsible providers.They produced LED grow lights and sold them,they never thought about whether their products were really suitable for the terminal users or not.They never thought about how to improve the LED grow light into a more qualified and effective apparatus.

The old model of the LED grow light sold on the market was invented by Mr.Pan four years ago and has been adopted repetitively.It was an talent invention in fact.But over the past four years,its practical function has been proved to cause many problems,especially its heat dissipation performance, its maintaining work,its penetrating capacity,illuminating distance and actual power,and so on.

We know the photon flux density of the LED grow light is very significant to the plants,it can finally affect the vegetative growth,if the density is dense enough,the plants then can absorb enough energy from the supplemental light source so that they can keep growing steadily.

Fortunately,now some new designs and technologies have been adopted in to the LED grow light industry.By introducing the optical lenses to increase the penetrating capacity and illuminating distance.By introducing modular design to improve the maintaining work and user DIY convenience.By introducing the technology of the computer CPU heat sink to strengthen the ability of the inner heat dissipation function.By introducing intelligent monitor system to help users supervising the working condition of the whole lamp.

As the driver of the old model LED grow light was not safe enough,its electric board has a potential danger,it can cause a high press back-flow electric current and shock users.We know the old model LED grow light’s inner power voltages can be as high as 150V Direct Current,it is more dangerous than the 220V Alternating Current.

Now,a new driver has been invented,it’s design is based on isolated concept,and combines the series and parallel technology.And the new LED grow light built with this safe driver,its output voltage can be less than 50V Direct Current,it is very safe and will never shock users.

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LED grow lamp in the North countries

We have talked about a great number stories of using LED grow lamp in lots of places and regions helping human beings to solve the bad circumstances and severe situations.

Now,we will discuss the LED grow lamp in Russia,a big country located on the North semi-sphere and its inhabitants have confronted tremendous severe living problems.Russia is the largest country in the world,but its population is very little compare with China and India,its living condition is also not better than the other countries,for its cold and dry climate,most of its field cannot grow vegetables. So,growing equipment is a good apparatus for Russians,if fact,traditional growing equipment have been using for years. And these years,LED grow lamp acted as a very amazing growing device,it has also captured the Russians’ attention.

Some Russian have introduced LED grow lamp into their household growing project.They grow eggplants,tomatoes,strawberries and the other little plants in their indoors greenhouses.They also grow some little cabbages as hydroponics plants.

In fact,most of the LED grow lamps using in Russia had imported from China. But as the transportation is not convenient enough,the deals between Russian farmers and the Chinese manufacturer are often stuck.By air,the fees are to high,for most logistics companies(such as DHL or UPS) have not marched into the Russian market,and only EMS can transport LED grow lamps to Russia,but each deal must at less than 30Kg-about two pieces Apollo 12 LED grow lights or four pieces Apollo 8 LED grow lights;by sea,the shipping period is to long and the risk of assurance is another problem;By train,not only are the fees not very worthwhile,but also inconvenient.Every day,many Russian users ramble at the LED grow lamp manufacturer websites to look for the most suitable equipment and the most worthwhile price for their hydroponics projects.

Actually,not only are the Russian households facing the bad climate of growing vegetables outside,but the other North semi-sphere countries as well.They are also facing the bad transportation problems. So,to those terminal users living in the North countries,providing them a good LED grow lamp is not enough,manufacturers must provide a good shipping method. Only in this way can the business become better.

Intelligent monitor system of the LED grow lamp

You may have heard about many products and apparatus built with an intelligent monitor system,such as cell phones,cars,airplanes,and so on.But have you ever heard about that a piece of LED grow lamp also built with an intelligent monitor system.If you are a keen maniac of the LED grow lamp or interested in high-tech,you would like to learn more information about this new technology.And how can an intelligent monitor system built in a LED grow lamp?Why do human beings need to do so?How will this system work?

In fact,the new LED grow lamp is driven by some drivers while running,these drivers will work alongside and equally burden the works.If one of them is out of working,it will not affect the whole lamp’s performance,the other drivers will continue driving the whole lamp works in a good state.

The structure of this system is combined with some little indicating red lights built in the back rim of the outer casing and the other complex technologies inner the LED grow lamp.By looking at the litter indicating red lights,users can easily supervise the whole light’s working condition.

If all of the red lights are shining normally,it means the lamp is working well,if a certain red light is flashing,it means that unit(and based on the modular design,the LED grow lamp is built with some isolated units) got some problem in the circuit board,users must stop running the lamp.If a certain red light is being dark,it means the driver of that unit is burned(but this likelihood is very very small),users must change a new driver.

The DIY work of changing a new driver is not difficult to the terminal users,for every unit of the new LED grow lamp is isolated,and connected with male&female sockets and without screws,very easy to plug-out or plug in,even easier than we change a computer CPU fan or memory chip.

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The modular design in the LED grow light

You may have heard about the modular design in many other products,but have you ever heard about the modular design in the LED grow light?And how can this new design help us?During the past several years,the old model of the inner LED grow light was soldered a single PCB board with a big square heat-sink and all of the LED lamp beads based on it.This model was invented four years ago by Mr.Pan,an pioneer in the LED grow light industry.His model was adopted repetitively over the past several years. But the old model has been proved to cause too many inconvenient repairing problems,for instance,if one part of the is out of working or even a piece of LED lamp bead is burned out,the maintaining work can be a ticklish bother,users often need to send the whole light back to their suppliers’ factory.And during the maintaining period,may be two weeks or four weeks,their indoor plants will suffer no light source from the problem,and finally affects their yields and vegetative growth.And the shipping cost can be very expensive. So is born the modular design in the LED grow light industry.Every unit is isolated and by soldering each part with some independent electronic connectors,the new model of the LED grow light can be very easy to maintain.While a certain part is out of working,users can dismantle the part and build with a new replacement by themselves,it’s very easy,because every part only installed by two screws.But of course,they need to prepare some replacements before,may be some drivers or heat-sinks. If it is necessary to send the broken part back to their suppliers,it is also very easy,and the shipping cost will be far more cheaper than send the whole light back.The most probability to send a broken part to the original manufacturer for repairing may be the LED lamp beads burned out.

They are using LED grow light

There are a great number of human being need LED grow light,

they all want to dispose their old and backward traditional grow

 lights after learning the strengths of the LED grow lights.May be 

they include:

Growing enthusiasts:They grow their own plants in gardens,hoop 

house and enjoy the planting experience.Some of them grow tomatoes,

strawberries;some grow flowers,such as rose,orchids(include myself,

I am growing orchids in my hometown with two pieces of LED grow 

lights),and one of my friends living in Netherlands is growing tulips 

with LED grow lights in his garden,and Dr.Shen,my college English 

teacher is now growing a variety of Chinese medical herbs in his 

garden,and he is also a leader of the Materials and Science 

Department in GXU,his team is doing some researches of 

the LEDs.

Commercial farmers and growers:They introduce the LED grow 

light to promote their plants to grow faster and get more yields.

Especially,those who are growing valuable medical plants and flowers.

May be,the LED grow lights will be introduced into the growing 

vegetables field.

Experimental institutions:They are doing normal experiments of using

 LED grow light in many fields,because now using LEDs to grow plants

 is stil a moot topic,especially its cost and technology.The more

 skeptics arguing about this issue,the more scientists and 

manufactures feel that they have the obligation to do more tests.

And during their experimental experiences,they also find out many

 new concepts to improve their new technologies,the testing work

 is also under the compound interest law.

Granted,the LED grow light at this phase has yet to get more

 maturity and its technology need improve.Thankfully,there

 are now so many new technologies have been introduced into

 this industry,such as modular design,using X-lenses,adopting the heat sink technology as the computer CPU,

and so on.We all believe the LED grow light industry will get 

a great progress in the next few years,and I am looking forward 

to associating the solar energy with the LED grow lights.

Creating a living environment on the other planets with the LED grow lighting

There is an reverie of planting vegetables and plants in the our capsules with LED grow lighting and launching them into the space that have been being kept in my mind for a long time.

Human being has been researching the space for a long time but could not find the any track of other lives living in the other planets yet.And the scientists and astronomers always presume that there must be many other aliens living in the space.

Now,let’s to be more realistic,if we cannot find them in the universe,why don’t we think about transporting some little plants and animals into the space to help us capturing their attentions,or may be we can create a possible environment fro plants and animals growing on the other planets?Especially the Moon,we all have known well about the Apollo spaceship landed at the Moon last century and it was proved than there was no other lives living on it.But if we grow some plants in our spaceships with the LED grow lighting driven by solar energy and wind energy and launch them on to the Moon.I think it is practicable.

I would like to recommend you to imagine the great spectacle of LED grow lamps flying full of the space,to imagine the little plants shined by the LED grow lighting and keep growing healthily,while they are growing they do photosynthesis and then they will generate oxygen on the other planets,then we can launch little animals or bacteria on to those planets growing under the LED aquarium lighting and eating the plants.

Many year later,they will evolve into more intelligent and mature,just like our ancestors which was evolve for several billion years.

At this phase,we are facing a ticklish problem,that it is the technology of the LED grow lighting industry and the converting solar energy  project,we need great revolutions both in these two industries,so that we can realize this reverie.

And growing vegetables and feeding animals in the space with the LED grow lighting is my dream.

Some thing about the LED grow lighting

LED grow lighting is an amazing and efficient equipment for indoor gardens and hydroponic systems.Especially in those cold countries and dry climate regions,many plants are facing a short growing season,oranges,star fruit,flowers can not keep growing well in these areas.Light source is a very significant factor for plants growing,and growing equipment make this to be possible,LED grow lighting is one of them,by absorbing the energy emits from this man-made little sun,all plants can keep growing steadily.

But there is a phenomenon that most people are unaware the LED grow lighting is very effieicnt,maybe most of people still do not recognize this grow equipment,even I learnt this about several months ago.

There are many growing equipment available.But how does the LED grow lighting work?Compare to the incandescent bulb the LED grow lighting operates at more than 10 per cent efficiency and at more than 80 per cent efficient than HPD grow light system.

In fact,plants need to keep growing well,they just need some special wavelengths and light source,the main wavelengths are red and blue,and the UV and IR are not very necessary.And the LED grow lighting can be designed as a certain wavelength ratio light,so their function are more effective.

But of cource,to convince the other people to accept a new thing is not very easy,it needs time and many experiments.So now I am growing many little plants in my room,such as orchids,tomatoes,strawberries and a variety of Chinese cabbage,I do test every day,to measure how many inches they are growing is one of my favorite job,May be in some months,I can offer many very detail figures.

And the investment about introducing LED grow lighting may by very expensive at the first stage,but since the technology is now becoming more and more mature,one day,the outlay of the LED grow lighting will be more cheaper and then they will help more human being in the world,and I am looking forward to that day.

Some reasons for choosing a piece of LED grow lighting

Running in cheap condition,LED grow lighting works at a relatively low voltage,

so it consumes less power supply than the 

other growing equipment.According to some 

experiments,a piece of 600 Watts LED grow lighting only consumes 

4 dollars a week of the electricity bill,but contrary to the same Watts 

of High Pressure Sodium light and Metal Halide which consume nearly

 20 dollars a week.So,the LED grow lighting saves 80 percent of power and money.

Emits less heat,we know the LED lighting source is a cool light and its 

lower consumption,LED grow lighting emits very little heat,normally,its 

surface temperature will never higher than 60 Celsius,but the inner

 temperature may be higher than this.But now,some new design of the

 LED grow lighting has been proved to solve this problem.By designing 

many small holes around the rims of the light,and some large vents

 at its ends,the ventilating situation of the light is more effective,so

 it will emit very little heat,and according to some experiments,the 

surface of the light will be less than 45 Celsius and inner temperature

 is less than 60 Celsius.So it will never burn the plants even keep them

 very close to it.

And by solving the heat dissipation problem,the LED grow lighting

will be more long-lasting,we know the LED lamp beads will be burned or get the light 

attenuation if the inner temperature is higher than 85 Celsius.

So,the manufacturers now are introducing the CUP heat dissipation 

concept of the computer technology,built

 the heat-sink with many little slots and this will increase the heat dissipation 

function of the light.

The wavelengths of the LED grow lighting are very easy to control and 

design,normally,the LED grow lighting is often built with red(630-660nm) 

and blue(450-470nm),red is for promoting budding and fruiting,

blue is for photosynthesis,

and by absorbing the special wavelengths,plants can keep growing 

stronger and faster.Traditional grow lights can not match this 

technology,they are built with full lights,and it means some of the

 wavelength are wastes.So,the LED grow lighting is more ideal for 


Environmentally friendly,LED grow lighting is built without heave metals 

and toxins,such as mercury which will cause environmental pollution 

while disposing them.And as the protecting our planet has become 

the main theme of the twenty first 

century,this Eco-friendly equipment will be more welcomed and popular.

Introducing LED plant light into five star hotels

At present-day world,green and healthy food has been less than ever before due to the severely environmental pollution and the food shortage crisis.People often feel unpleasant at a famous restaurant,for they spend a large deal of money,but still cannot eat healthy food,especially vegetables.They are always concerned about the chemical elements,bactericidal materials and pesticides on the vegetables.

So,some shrewd hotel owners begin to introduce many new technology to provide customers organic vegetables,LED plant light is one of their apparatus.And by cooperating with farmers ,they build their own greenhouses and plantations which demand less fertilizers and even some of them do not need any fertilizers.They change their budget of buying fertilizers into introducing LED plant lights to promote the plants keep growing steadily.You may be suspicious of the outlay of the electricity bills,but the LED plant lights need less power supply to drive than traditional grow equipment.

And now by extending the season instead of feeding fertilizers to the plants,farmers can produce completely organic vegetables.The main technique of handling the LED plant light is how to combine it with the Sunlight.

During the day,if the sunlight is strong,let the plants absorb the natural wavelength from the sun,and in rainy seasons and after sunset,farmers turn the LED plant lights on,let them shine the plants,in this way the plants will be never short of light source,so they will keep growing quickly by absorbing the light source of the LED plant lights.

Now,from the medical industry to wine growing industry and to the five star hotels,more and more fields begin to associate with the LED plant lights.And by introducing many new technologies into the LED plant light industry,such as introducing X-lenses to increase the photon flux density and the shining distance,and introducing modular design to improve the maintaining work.Some manufacturers now have invented some very new LED plant lights on the market.

The original history of the LED grow light

There are innumerable stories of inventing new technologies in the long river of human being history,and a great many of them have been handed down and improved repetitively from generation to generation.At present day world,industry invention is one of the most important science activity.And the invention of the LED grow light is also very interesting.

Mr.Hon,an foreign trade manager working at the B company received a request about designing a LED grow light from one of his customers in the United States.He immediately asked their engineer Mr.Pan if it was possible to design a LED grow light,Mr.Pan was very familiar with the LED technology,so he began the inventing work,after several months,the first LED grow light was born and it soon became a hot equipment on the market.At that time,a LED grow light was as expensive as 2,000 dollars and the B company got a large yield from this invention.

But unfortunately,the B company was soon isolated,Mr.Hon and Mr.Pan left B company and set up their start-up workshop after several months of the LED grow light invention.The other group-the domestic trading department also isolated from B company and set up their own workshop.These two groups not only left the B company,but also they adopted the new technology of the LED grow light and dragged the materials away.The CEO of the B company was knocked down and was sent to hospital,but there were still some loyal employees stayed at B company,they rebuilt their LED grow light streamline and tried to produce,as they were not very familiar with the LED technology,they spent several months to invented another model.But during this time,the other two groups soon overtook the majority market.

Over the past four years,such phenomena reoccurred and the LED grow light technology was shed,so there are many manufacturers producing LED grow light at present.But no one of them have thought about how to invent a new one which is more suitable for terminal users.

(Source: singledgrowlight.blog.com)