LED grow light and LED aquarium light technologies

LED grow light and LED aquarium light news and technologies.
The latest technologies are on the Apollo LED grow/aquarium lights.

The Apollo LED grow light acted as a revolutionary leader in its field marched into the market brilliantly,has taken a large number of the market shares.As its technologies and  designs have become more and more mature,it will be more successful in the near future.In fact,at this moment,it is the assembling work that hinders the improvement of the Apollo grow light,because all molds and machines are new,some parts of the model are not very suitable for each other,even a tiny screw can be a ticklish problem during the processing work.

How many problem have happened since the Apollo come to the market? First,the optical lens,the prototype of the Apollo was built with Integrated lens, but after having done lots of tests,  the isolated lens has been proved more efficient, so our engineers changed the lens as isolated, but it was hard to assemble. To solve this problem,the engineers took near a week.

By assembling the isolated lenses on a circle metal board, they finally find a good method to conquered the issue, and the Apollo LED grow light surface was also more brilliant. It was valued to did so, because built with the isolated optical lenses,the Apollo light source was more bright and uniform than its prototype.

Second,the face shield also got some problem,it was hard to assemble because the screw holes were not suit for the model,the processing work could be the most difficult one. Yesterday,all worker took 5 hours overtime,they produced more than hundred pieces of the Apollo LED grow/aquarium lights,but still could not meet the orders.

Third, the spare parts supplier cannot match the demand, from the outer case to every inner part, the Apollo LED grow light is assembled by more than hundred pieces spare parts, such as the painting work of the face shield or the indicating red lamp of the intelligent monitor system, not to mention the most difficult work-thermal system,and this thermal system is the most effective one in the LED grow light industry,for after having run more than 20 hours,the inner temperature of the Apollo LED grow light is never higher than 60 degrees Celsius,and only in this way can it guarantee the long lasting life span.

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