LED grow light and LED aquarium light technologies

LED grow light and LED aquarium light news and technologies.
The latest technologies are on the Apollo LED grow/aquarium lights.

Apollo 6 LED aquarium light PAR reading and actual power:

Equipment parameter:

Two switches, two power supplies. The White and Blue light sources can be controlled separately. Input voltage: 86-264V AC; Out put Voltage: 32-45V DC.LED chips: White 14000K/ 24pcs, Blue 460nm/ 48pcs; LED Input current: 700mA, Input voltage: 3.8V.

Actual power:

Both White and Blue on: 203W; Only Blue on: 131W; Only White on: 70.9W.

PAR reading(the data is based on while hanging the Apollo 6 aquarium light over the tank 30cm):

Both Blue and White on: 1315mmol/ 20cm; 711mmol/ 30cm; 509mmol/ 40cm; 295mmol/ 80cm.

Only Blue on: 1010mmol/ 20cm; 649mmol/ 30cm; 382mmol/ 40cm; 178mmol/ 80cm.

Only White on: 266mmol/ 20cm;  160mmol/ 40cm; 63mmol/ 80cm.

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